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the niqabi sister from the yemeni market in michigan

Asalaamu alaikum sisters,

InshaAllah this post finds you on your way through a beautiful ramadhaan and on the way to a wonderful laylat ul kadr, ameen.

I was with my family today and while dh was getting groceries in the yemeni market, I met a really nice niqabi sister who, with her enthusiasm over seeing dd, made me totally forget about how tired I was from fasting alhamdulillah. I could tell she had the most glowing smile and personality under her niqab mashaAllah and she made me laugh more than once, as she explained that she wanted to hold dd but couldnt, due to her having a cold and how her niece jumped over the center seat of the car because she didnt want to get sick before laylatul kadr inshaAllah lol. (you had to be there, the way she said it with such drama in her voice, it was funny, trust me).

Now the only problem is that I forgot to get her name and number so please make dua for me that I meet her again inshaAllah, because this dear sister, she really warmed my heart. Maybe with your dua she will google search “the niqabi sister from the yemeni market in michigan” and she will find my blog!

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(reflections) we found a birds nest…

Salaam alaikum
No honestly, we actually did, I promise this is not just another random post alhamdulillah. There was a huge downpour today, such a mercy from Allah subhana wa tala that we get all this rain while countries like Yemen and Somalia are facing drought subhanAllah.

After the storm my son found a damaged nest on the ground, minus eggs and/or birds so he picked it up, pieced it together and looked at it in wonder, and then explained to his friends what it was. We talked about how intricate the nest was with ribbons and sticks and clay and mud and grass, and the bounty of Allah. Alhamdulillah it was a good conversation piece. We tried to initially put it back in the tree but the first branch was about thirty feet off the ground subhanAllah.

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more than one moon… subhanAllah

Asalaamu alaikum sisters,
On August 27th 2010, the planet mars will be brightest and closest in the night sky, making it appear as though earth has two moons subhanAllah. Around 12:30am, mars will come within 34.65 miles of earth.The next time mars will come this close will not be until the year 2287 , Allahu aleem. It is an opportunity to teach about Allah’s Creation, an impromptu science class, or even just a beautiful night to lay on the grass and gaze underneath the stars on a blanket with your family… enjoy, inshaAllah.

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