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My apologies…and finally an update

Astughfirullah, I need to keep better tabs on my site, I have been so neglectful lately. I knew I would be busy with College but I didnt think this busy alhamdulillah! Sooooooo on with the updates!

Okay so with ds, he is throughly enjoying private school and his Quran memorization is coming along beautifuly mashaAllah. He has made many friends their and it is nice for me too, to make friends with the other mothers. He now has orange belt in karate alhamdulillah, working his way on up. We were actually considering whether or not to drop the karate because Mondays is also our day to carpool and it is a half hour each way. Alhamdulillah ds does not want to give it up, he tells me it makes him feel so good when he gets a new belt… he has gotten nine already (they started with full white, then moved on the white-coloured stripe, then finally solid colours). I think he just is excited because he is almost six inshaAllah, and once he is six, he gets to train with nunchucks. lol.

Dd is doing well alhamdulillah. Cancer screen came back negative alhamdulillah. We had her hearing tested and the best results they could get was that she has mild hearing loss in her one ear, and sever in her other ear subhanAllah. Allah give her shiffah. In the meantime, we are going to go for a followup and talk some more about hearing aids and cochlear implants. Other than that, she is progressing well alhamdulillah and catching up to my friends daughters who are her age.

Home schooling. That now has new meaning for us. I think it has turned more into ‘after-school schooling’. Alhamdulillah now that I am in College full time with over forty hours a week, we dont have much time for anything. We did, however, go apple picking at the orchard with seven other families today so that made for a nice autumn field trip mashaAllah. It began with me in a tree (long story, Im not even going to go there – lets just say that the apples that were left were pretty high up the trees) and ds and dd feeding a horse apples. Oh and this weekend (at another orchard- we went orchard hopping this weekend) dd and ds rode horses for the first time alhamdulillah! That was wonderful mashaAllah. Oh and we are making chocolate covered apples and maybe pie again inshaAllah! My ds loves to help me in the kitchen these days.

 All the pretty horses…
 Delicious apples…
  Honeycrisp apples, these were at the top of the tree…

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the niqabi sister from the yemeni market in michigan

Asalaamu alaikum sisters,

InshaAllah this post finds you on your way through a beautiful ramadhaan and on the way to a wonderful laylat ul kadr, ameen.

I was with my family today and while dh was getting groceries in the yemeni market, I met a really nice niqabi sister who, with her enthusiasm over seeing dd, made me totally forget about how tired I was from fasting alhamdulillah. I could tell she had the most glowing smile and personality under her niqab mashaAllah and she made me laugh more than once, as she explained that she wanted to hold dd but couldnt, due to her having a cold and how her niece jumped over the center seat of the car because she didnt want to get sick before laylatul kadr inshaAllah lol. (you had to be there, the way she said it with such drama in her voice, it was funny, trust me).

Now the only problem is that I forgot to get her name and number so please make dua for me that I meet her again inshaAllah, because this dear sister, she really warmed my heart. Maybe with your dua she will google search “the niqabi sister from the yemeni market in michigan” and she will find my blog!

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For those who are interested…

There is a Muslim womens bazaar in Toronto on April 2nd, 2011. I do not think I will be there, although I hope some of my sisters can make it insha’Allah.


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Ten things that wipe out ten other things…

10 things that wipe out 10 other things

1. Righteousness wipes out evil deeds
2. Pride wipes out knowledge
3. Repentance wipes out sin
4. Lying wipes out livlihood
5. Justice wipes out oppression
6. Grief wipes out life span
7. Charity wipes out calamity
8. Anger wipes out intellect
9. Haughtiness wipes out generosity
10. Backbiting wipes out good deeds


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horses and apples, and my dear son mashaAllah

Asalaamu alaikum
I went with a group of sisters and their children today we (my son and myself) went to the orchard for some apple picking, hay throwing and horses… here are the photos below. We saw a birds nest as well, and what seemed like a hundred birds flying by subhanAllah… we saw the horses and donkey and picked lots of apples mashaAllah and I had a wonderful conversation with the kids about who created the horses and apples, and the blessings of Allah, a discussion on health and an impromptu baking class mashaAllah. Oh and my son fed apples to the horses mashaallah.


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went to the library and what did we find?

Asalaamu alaikum,

The answer to the above question is… books of course. What else did you think we would find in a library? hmm…
Anyway, we went to the library yesterday with another family and although we didn’t take out too many books, we got four free passes  to the nature center and the kids went on the computer for phonics games so all in all, it was eventful enough I suppose, alhamdulillah. Afterwards, we went to park and out for dinner.


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botany and kite flying

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outside activities

asalaamu alaikum,
I just found out last night that the Islamic Center here is offering free classes in fine arts, martial arts and football (soccer) so I signed up my son for all three mashaAllah. Fine arts is Mondays from 5-7. Football is Thursdays from 6-7 and martial arts is Fridays from 6-7 inshaAllah. Now all I need is to refine my homeschooling schedule and daughters appointments around that… make dua for me please, I will sure need it lol.

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