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more than one moon… subhanAllah

Asalaamu alaikum sisters,
On August 27th 2010, the planet mars will be brightest and closest in the night sky, making it appear as though earth has two moons subhanAllah. Around 12:30am, mars will come within 34.65 miles of earth.The next time mars will come this close will not be until the year 2287 , Allahu aleem. It is an opportunity to teach about Allah’s Creation, an impromptu science class, or even just a beautiful night to lay on the grass and gaze underneath the stars on a blanket with your family… enjoy, inshaAllah.

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Ummrah masha’Allah

Asalaamu alaikum rahmatullah wa barakatu
My friend Haniyyah who is a convert got the opportunity from Allah subhan wa t’ala to go with a group on an all expenses paid ummrah masha’Allah. Her husband went with her (he went with the group last year). Here is a video one of the sisters made during ummrah masha’Allah…

note:If you watch at 34:30, he explains that the body of Muhammed rasoolulah (saaw) is intact and tells the hadith of where the body of a hafiz of the Qur’an (someone who memorizes Qur’an) stays intact after death and does not break down subhanAllah… this is in appreciation from Allah subhan wa t’ala.

p.s.. if anyone knows what nasheed that is at 35:30, please let me know thanks!

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World Food Program in Yemen

Yemen is facing an increasingly complex and worrying humanitarian crisis. Families displaced by the Sa’ada conflict and refugees from the torn Horn of Africa continue to rely on humanitarian assistance for survival. All the while the combined effects of the global food, fuel and financial crises on Yemen have already led to a direct increase in poverty and further exacerbated the vulnerability of a population with already alarming rates of hunger and malnutrition. Click here to find out more, insha’Allah.

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random yemeni photographs…


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