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What my son is currently learning…

Salaam alaikum sisters, I thought I would give insight into what they are teaching my son at the praivate school the past couple weeks:

Duaa’ before sleeping
Duaa’ when we wake
Duaa’ when entering and leaving the hammam
Duaa’ for visiting the sick

Salaah Nasheed أنشودة للأطفال للحث على الصلاة
Arabic letters – writing them out each night for homework
English letters – writing them out each night



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private school

Asalaamu alaikum sisters,
My son will be starting at an islamic private school on Tuesday inshaAllah, as I, too, am going back to school myself for Pre Health Sciences alhamdulillah (and eventually med school inshaAllah). I will still be doing homeschooling projects with him at home and on the weekends (and occasions like ‘Ids and Hajj) so whenever I do, I will be posting those inshaAllah.


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