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Pray Qiyam prayer like Habeebah al-‘Adawiyyah r.a

Habeebah al-‘Adawiyyah r.a would first start her Qiyam by saying this duaa...

“Oh my Lord the stars have come out people have gone to sleep and the kings have shut their doors but your door is left open and every lover is with their lover and here I am standing before You oh Allah.”

يا ربي قد غارت النجوم ونامت العيون وأغلقت الملوك أبوابها ولكن يتم ترك الباب الخاص بك مفتوحة وكل محب هو مع الحبيب وهنا أنا أقف أمامك يا الله

Then she would pray and talk to her Lord until suhoor, and she would say…

“Oh Allah the night is ending the day is coming and I wish I knew whether you have accepted this night of worship from me so I may congratulate myself and if it was not, that I  may console myself.”

يا الله الليل وتنتهي في اليوم قادم وأتمنى لو أعرف ما إذا كنت قد قبلت هذه الليلة العبادة من لي لذلك أنا أهنئ نفسي قد وإذا لم يكن، إن جاز لي اصبر نفسي.

SubhanAllah, what beautiful words, a beautiful conversation between her and Allah subhana wa ta’ala. May Allah grant us moments like this, where we can be one on one with Him, for the cure to lonliness is time spent alone with Rabuk, Allah swt.


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