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please pull tabs for orphanage in yemen

Salaam alaikum sisters,
To those of you who are in the London/Windsor/Toronto, Ontario area, I ask you kindly to please get your family and friends, sons and daughters, and mosques involved in saving the metal tabs off cans of vimto, juice and pop, as I am collecting them to take back home here to the metal recycling depot where they will melt them down and pay for them by the pound (usually fifty cents per pound of tabs – i.e about 1500 tabs). The ones I collect myself within our family I will be using to make jewelry to sell to benefit the same orphanage inshaAllah (see below). I will then keep collecting until I have enough money from the tabs and sales and donations to send to my sister in law in Yemen. She will then take the money to the orphange in San’aa. Please take advantage of this chance for sadaqah inshaAllah.

Rasoolullah (saaw), the messenger of Allah swt said: ‘I and the one who takes care of an orphan will be in Jannah like that,’ (and he place his middle finger and forefinger together). (narrated by Bukhari)


note: you can either email me for my address to send the tabs, or I can meet you during my daughter’s many appointments inshaAllah. We will be in London August 31, 2011 and Toronto area (hospital for sick kids) mid-December 2011. JazakAllah khair, may Allah bless all our efforts as we work towards the akhirah.

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handmade (faceless) doll

Asalaamu alaikum rahmatullahi wa barakatu,
I made a doll this afternoon for my neice Amal… alhamdulillah by making it I was able to choose a faceless one for islamic reasons. I also am making her a matching hijab inshaAllah.. here are the photographs.


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Asalaamu alaikum,

I re-purposed my husbands jeans, turning it into a montessori placemat and a nature satchel bag for my son alhamdulillah…

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make a dress for your daughter inshaAllah…

Salaasm alaikum sisters,

Okay, astughfirullah I dont like to throw things away so this type of thing comes in handy alhamdulillah… here is a DIY for making your daughter a dress out of your husbands, son’s or your own unwanted shirt inshaAllah…

sewingpattern (pdf file)

Step 1

Print pattern pieces; tape together, and cut out. Lay shirt flat, and trace pattern with disappearing-ink pen, following the higher neckline. Cut out; you will have a front and back piece. Trim the front neckline as shown on pattern. Trim the dress length if desired.

Step 2

Pin front and back pieces together, right sides facing, and sew along shoulders, under arms, and down sides, with a 1/2-inch seam allowance. Notch under the arms. Press seams open with iron. Finish seams with pinking shears or a zigzag stitch to prevent fraying. If you shortened the length, finish the edge with a double hem: Fold the unfinished edge over 1/4 inch. Press, then fold over 1/4 inch, and press again; pin, and edge-stitch.

Step 3

Turn dress right side out. Fold a 16-inch length of bias tape over neckline; pin, turning under 1/2 inch at each end. Stitch tape 1/8 inch from the edge. To make a tie, cut a 22-inch piece of bias tape. Fold in half, right sides facing, so long edges meet, and stitch with a 1/8-inch seam allowance; use the loop turner to turn it right side out. Cut a slit in bias tape to the left of the button placket; attach a safety pin to the tie, and thread all the way through neckline, starting at the slit you just made.

*note: Here I myself would just fold ribbon over the edges of the sleeves and neckline and sew, as I like it this way as well and I never heard of bias tape in my life but for those of you who want to go all-out and finish the rest, go ahead inshaAllah.

Step 4

Fold an 11-inch length of bias tape around each sleeve opening, turning under 1/2 inch at each end, and pin. Stitch 1/8 inch from the edge, leaving an opening where the tape meets at the base of the sleeve opening. To cinch the sleeves, attach a safety pin to an 11-inch length of elastic and thread through the tape; cinch slightly. Trim elastic so the ends overlap 1/2 inch, and stitch. Hand-sew opening shut.

The blue dress below is from the tutorial, our dear sister at handmade beginnings made the purple dress for her daughter using the same pattern mashaAllah and dying the dress… you can find it here.

works cited: thank you to and our dear sister from handmade beginnings.

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