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first ten days of dhul-hijjah

Sisters, this is just a reminder to make the most of these ten days of dhul-hijjah with your sons, daughters, and husbands and fast on the 9th day and give in sadaqah as these days are blessed and ajer for these days is multiplied subhanAllah. It is rahmah (mercy) from Allah subhana wa t’ala.

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please pull tabs for orphanage in yemen

Salaam alaikum sisters,
To those of you who are in the London/Windsor/Toronto, Ontario area, I ask you kindly to please get your family and friends, sons and daughters, and mosques involved in saving the metal tabs off cans of vimto, juice and pop, as I am collecting them to take back home here to the metal recycling depot where they will melt them down and pay for them by the pound (usually fifty cents per pound of tabs – i.e about 1500 tabs). The ones I collect myself within our family I will be using to make jewelry to sell to benefit the same orphanage inshaAllah (see below). I will then keep collecting until I have enough money from the tabs and sales and donations to send to my sister in law in Yemen. She will then take the money to the orphange in San’aa. Please take advantage of this chance for sadaqah inshaAllah.

Rasoolullah (saaw), the messenger of Allah swt said: ‘I and the one who takes care of an orphan will be in Jannah like that,’ (and he place his middle finger and forefinger together). (narrated by Bukhari)


note: you can either email me for my address to send the tabs, or I can meet you during my daughter’s many appointments inshaAllah. We will be in London August 31, 2011 and Toronto area (hospital for sick kids) mid-December 2011. JazakAllah khair, may Allah bless all our efforts as we work towards the akhirah.

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a community (mess), or a garden

Salam alaikum,
So at our newest Islamic center, although they have a greenhouse in the back, we cannot use it. Apparently, it is a really dangerous place to be that has yet to be cleaned up mashaAllah. Shattered glass and mangled metal and overgrown weeds (alhamdulillah this all took place before our community bought the building). Anyway, after talking to the sister in the office of the center, it has been decided that ds and I will have our own garden out front alhamdulillah! This will be a great chance to teach muhammad the importance of being ‘green’, the creation of Allah swt, botany and so fourth mashaAllah… InshaAllah this weekend we find out exactly were the garden will be, what will be in it inshaAllah, etc. I am anxious to find out, so I will keep you updated!

update: alhamdulillah, I finally have a photo of the greenhouse, here it is…

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urgent relief needed in pakistan

Asalaamu alaikum sisters,
As all of you have probably heard, urgent relief is needed in flood-ravaged Pakistan. InshaAllah, maybe you can give sadaqah or your zakat to this cause, to help our sisters and brothers…

Islamic Relief

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soorah al-kawthar and sadaqah

Asalaamu alaikum ramahtullah wa barakatu,
So, alhamdulillah, I think my son is almost finished with memorizing soorah al-kawthar. InshaAllah that will soon be crossed off our list and we can move on insha’Allah.

As I sit here, I am watching the yemen ftr channel. There are these yemeni girls putting on a play, displaying their traditional dances… how I miss that mashaAllah! Not so much the dancing but the sisters there and my husbands’ family and the air… yes, even the air is different subhanAllah. The people are different there mashaAllah… they have such a different life, so simple… anyway, I miss it. Not so much the politics though. Those Im sure everyone would be better off without. The sisters from Yemen know what I mean. There is soo much that needs to be done there inshaAllah, so many opportunities for sadaqah and ajer. InshaAllah one day…

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World Food Program in Yemen

Yemen is facing an increasingly complex and worrying humanitarian crisis. Families displaced by the Sa’ada conflict and refugees from the torn Horn of Africa continue to rely on humanitarian assistance for survival. All the while the combined effects of the global food, fuel and financial crises on Yemen have already led to a direct increase in poverty and further exacerbated the vulnerability of a population with already alarming rates of hunger and malnutrition. Click here to find out more, insha’Allah.

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Malnourished in Yemen…

salaam alaikum ramahtullah wa barakatu (Al Jazeera report is here)


Quick points: Women of Yemen have the lowest birth weight newborns in the world
1 in 3 people in Yemen are malnourished, living in poverty
Poverty increased 25% since 2006 alone.
It is going through triple F crisis-rising food prices,falling feul revenues & the countrys financial crisis

We need to help our sisters and brothers in Yemen insha’Allah… is it not haram to sit back and watch your sister not able to feed her daughters and sons while we sit and not give a second passing thought to all we have? If you have nothing to give, not even half a date, you will get reward for your intention and dua’a…

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Islamic texts for the blind sisters…

salaam alaikum ramahtullah wabarakatu,

This post in in regards to a non-profit organization that I am working on building insha’allah…. I have noticed the growing number of muslim sisters, and brothers, with vision loss and/or blindness and the lack of resources available to them. Insha’Allah I hope to be in contact with different publishing companies to see if they will allow us the rights to print the books in braille format. The other added issue would be to raise the funds for the equipment and shipping and other related costs. I will keep you updated on the sitution. Please make dua’a for this cause…

related story:blindness on the increase in yemen

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