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Women continue to demonstrate in Sanaa and Ibb, Yemen

Salaam alaikum sisters,

While Yemen is still looking for  the ouster of President  Saleh, the women are coming out to show their support for the cause and to convince Saleh that he was wrong in his comments made last week about how women should stay home, which they saw as a personal attack on their souls and dignity. Here below are photos of some female doctors in the streets demonstrating mashaAllah, leading the other women.

In a show of support and solidarity, the brothers  made a human ring around our sisters to prevent them from unforseen injury or attack from government supporters. President Saleh, while working with the government to try and downplay his remarks, recently met with the leaders of the womens groups to tell them that what they did takes courage and so fourth but it may be too little too late.

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yemen… eight ruling party lawmakers resign

Sanaa, Yemen – As pictured above, a soldier gaurds anti-government protestors in Yemens capital city of San’aa yesterday. Furthermore, on the heels of the latest protest, eight lawmakers from the current ruling party resigned, and not only because of the ongoing pressure. Abdilaziz Jabari said, as quoted by CNN, “Corrupt government officials were not taken to court. There’s been no progress on continuing a dialogue between the ruling party and the opposition in order to solve the country’s crisis…” and lawmaker Abdul Bishr explained the reason he resigned, “I resigned because there’s been no respect by the government for human rights, because of the attacks against protesters and journalists, because the security forces are not doing their jobs.”

What do you think about the current situation yourself? Honestly, I think the freedom of speech is wonderful, and that the people know what needs to be done to make the country progress, although I am not so sure if President Saleh necessarily needs to step down for that to happen. I think it can happen while he is still in office, if he continues to listen to the people and engage in talks with the opposition parties…

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Asalaamu alaikum sisters
Here is the latest video of the ongoing demonstrations in Yemen. It has now reached over one week.

[click here]

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