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Science Experiements even Mothers will have fun with…

ImageSalaam alaikum sisters, here are a few experiments that are fun, use your discretion as there are a couple not appropriate but look through them, I like the idea of the geodes, ice bubbles, plant in an empty cd case, colorful icicles…

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science museum

Asalaamu alaikum,
So tomorrow our group is going to go on our first real field trip of the year to science city. There are exhibits for bio-diversity, dinosaurs, a lagoon, waterfalls, robotics, the solar system,sound, elevtricity, air, and so fourth. I am not sure how many of us are going yet but it is suppose to be a big group insha’Allah.

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nature walk and sensory bin

Asalaamu alaikum sisters,

Today my son took the bag I made for him and we went together on a nature walk. He collected soo many things such as berries, acorns, leaves, twigs, walnuts, etc. Afterwards we made a sensory bin and talk about the texture… is it bumpy, prickly, smooth or rough? Then I printed out the leaf sheet to classify leaves… we also made a chain of berries, and spoke about how Allah is our creator and created everything for us mashaAllah, it was a productive science and art homeschooling/unschooling afternoon!



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grow crystalline rocks

Asalaamu alaikum,

I thought I might try to teach my son about nucleation, and although it sounds complicated, it is not too hard alhamdulillah and never too early to start… here are the instructions to teach them and directions on how to make crystalline rock candy that you eat inshaAllah (complete with an explanation on nucleation)… click on the photograph below for instructions.

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make an ocean

Alhamdulillah if you were blessed to live near the ocean, you could take a trip down there with your son or daughter but right now, we live in the middle of the continent so we are making our own ocean for his water curriculum for science inshaAllah. Here are the instructions:

What You Need:

  • Clean, 2-liter plastic bottle with cap.
  • Canola Oil
  • Water
  • Food coloring (blue is always a good choice for literal-minded kinders)

What to Do:

  1. Start by helping your young scientist to pour canola oil into your bottle until it’s about 1/3 full.
  2. Help your son or daughter pour in enough water to fill the rest of the bottle.  Add a few drops of food coloring, cap the bottle securely, and put the bottle on its side.
  3. Now swish the bottle back and forth, side to side.  Look at what’s happening— there’s an ocean in the bottle!
  4. As an extra option, consider making a little “boat” from a cork that fits through the top opening of your bottle.  Watch how the cork bobs on the waves, just like a sailboat.

Did You Know?

Waves happen when our earth spins on its axis and water is pulled by gravity across the geological formations of the ocean floor.  When you move the bottle, you’re seeing energy move through the water to make waves, just like out in the ocean!

What does the Qur’an say?
Allah says:

And it is He Who has let free the two seas (kinds of water): this is palatable and sweet, and that is salty and bitter; and He has set a barrier and a complete partition between them. (25:53)

Quran on Darkness in the Ocean/Sea and internal waves….

Allah says:

(Or [the state of a disbeliever] is like the darkness in a vast deep sea, overwhelmed with waves topped by waves, topped by dark clouds, (layers of) darkness upon darkness: if a man stretches out his hand, he can hardly see it! And he for whom Allah has not appointed light for him there is no light.) (24:40)

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homeschooling resources

Asalaamu alaikum

My husband is designing a new website for the islamic publishing company he works for and he said he can include a seperate area on or offsite where we can upload homeschooling materials and resources for free use. It would be organized by subject with download links. The only problem is getting all the  materials together so if you have any materials that would be beneficial, please email them to me at this following address:

In the subject line, please state the name of the resource, the course and grade.

ex: asma’ullah al husnaa, islamic studies, grade 4      (or)
patterning with manipulatives, mathematics, grade 1     (or)
bag with shapes, montessori, grade k     (or)
history of the arab empire w/exam, history, grade 11

I am going to try and see if he can make it so that anyone can upload their own materials as they make them or find them so that there is more involvement and so it is more accessible inshaAllah.

We are accepting any and all resources and grades and subjects. Even if they are posted elsewhere, please send them us as well so that we have as many resources together in one space as possible, bi’thnAllah. Jazakallah khair.


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more than one moon… subhanAllah

Asalaamu alaikum sisters,
On August 27th 2010, the planet mars will be brightest and closest in the night sky, making it appear as though earth has two moons subhanAllah. Around 12:30am, mars will come within 34.65 miles of earth.The next time mars will come this close will not be until the year 2287 , Allahu aleem. It is an opportunity to teach about Allah’s Creation, an impromptu science class, or even just a beautiful night to lay on the grass and gaze underneath the stars on a blanket with your family… enjoy, inshaAllah.

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Asalaamu alaikum
This is a project my son is doing; he planted a bulb in soil in a cup and is growing (I think lima beans?) Here are some photographs of his plant below…if you look down into the edge of the soil in the last photograph, you can see where its growing… it has been about three weeks alhamdulillah. MashaAllah, he waters it every day and makes dua’a…

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