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Outburts in Jummah Khutbah

Asalaamu alaikum sisters and brothers,
Yesterday alhamdulillah, I was able to attend the Juammah prayer here in my city. The brother giving the khutbah was talking about the different types of Ibadah and then went on to speak about our Ummah in Syria and the crisis they are in and how important it is to unite to help them during this time. An older brother sitting in the chair in the brothers sections started yelling about how it is not a place for “politics” and how we should be telling Saudi and Qatar, not us. The brother who gave the lecture stayed patient as the other yelled, saying “Calm down ahkhi, not now ahkhi, please, this isnt the place nor the time to be yelling.” I just want to address this issue at hand….

First of all, we are told that when one of our brothers or sisters in Islam faces distress, we need to help them. I also think it is important to remember that if it were us in that situation, we would be begging Allah subhana wa t’ala for help, and making dua that others were making dua for us. If it were our family over in Syria, (or Yemen, or anywhere else) we would want anyone who was able to help our family, to help them. Hence, if there is ever a khutbah in the masjid, and there is something you do not agree with, dont be so arrogant and yell out for the brother to stop talking. Dont stay. Leave for the sake of Allah and keep your comments to yourself, and discuss them after, in a civil conversation. Just this morning, these screenshots were on the news… I feel very ashamed for that brother who had the terrible urge to voice his opinion yesterday…

A mother, trying to look for other wounds on her three year old son, and her injured husband, as he lay with his son as his son died in his arms. الذين اذا اصابتهم مصيبة قالوا انا لله وانا اليه راجعون  Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un

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A Yemeniyah’s Recipes

Asalammu alaikum sisters.
I just came upon this wonderful blog by another Yemeni sister and she posts so many recipes, Yemeni food and otherwise. Please go look for yourself… you may just be inspired 😉


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Sisters Quran classes

Alhamdulillah I now attend a sisters Quran class with Sadaf, a wonderful sister mashaAllah whos’ daughters go to private school with my son. There are around 9-11 sisters who gather and a Syrian sister, Raina, teaches us tajweed, (barakallah fikum). It is wonderful to get together and not worry about my son and daughter (he is in school at this time and my daughter stayed with my mother alhamdulillah). It is a nice break from the monotony of pre-health science classes! We are working on Fatiah, Asr, Kawthar, and Masad. We are learning in arabic with english tafseer. Allah bless the sisters and their families involved in making this possible.

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Sisters Halaqah and Islamic Awareness Week!

Asalaamu alaikum sisters,
So on the  edge of the converts meeting, I spoke with Sr.Tahera and she is having a weekly halaqah for sisters at her home inshaAllah every Tuesday, I am going tomorrow so I will give you an idea afterwards how it plays out. Also, it is Islamic Awareness Week here where I live so there are going to be all types of lectures and events around the city, starting at the University which I want to go to inshaAllah. I will update you as I go! Looking forward to the new posts!

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the niqabi sister from the yemeni market in michigan

Asalaamu alaikum sisters,

InshaAllah this post finds you on your way through a beautiful ramadhaan and on the way to a wonderful laylat ul kadr, ameen.

I was with my family today and while dh was getting groceries in the yemeni market, I met a really nice niqabi sister who, with her enthusiasm over seeing dd, made me totally forget about how tired I was from fasting alhamdulillah. I could tell she had the most glowing smile and personality under her niqab mashaAllah and she made me laugh more than once, as she explained that she wanted to hold dd but couldnt, due to her having a cold and how her niece jumped over the center seat of the car because she didnt want to get sick before laylatul kadr inshaAllah lol. (you had to be there, the way she said it with such drama in her voice, it was funny, trust me).

Now the only problem is that I forgot to get her name and number so please make dua for me that I meet her again inshaAllah, because this dear sister, she really warmed my heart. Maybe with your dua she will google search “the niqabi sister from the yemeni market in michigan” and she will find my blog!

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Women continue to demonstrate in Sanaa and Ibb, Yemen

Salaam alaikum sisters,

While Yemen is still looking for  the ouster of President  Saleh, the women are coming out to show their support for the cause and to convince Saleh that he was wrong in his comments made last week about how women should stay home, which they saw as a personal attack on their souls and dignity. Here below are photos of some female doctors in the streets demonstrating mashaAllah, leading the other women.

In a show of support and solidarity, the brothers  made a human ring around our sisters to prevent them from unforseen injury or attack from government supporters. President Saleh, while working with the government to try and downplay his remarks, recently met with the leaders of the womens groups to tell them that what they did takes courage and so fourth but it may be too little too late.

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ok, so back to homeschooling, insha’Allah

Salaam alaikum sisters,
I must apologize to those of you who come to my site for homeschooling ideas and resources as those posts, although overwhelming my mind, have not been on my wordpress lately. I am talking with other sisters about organizing a full time islamic school for our children next year inshaallah. 

I also made a deal with my dh, that I will find out the curriculum in my sons current school for next year, and if he knows it all by the end of the summer, (Allah make it easy), I get to homeschool him next year inshaAllah. (Whether the islamic school program the sisters and I are putting together is ready, will not be in question). So by the will of Allah, I should be homeschooling full time starting June.

What does this mean for all of you? More posts on homeschooling of course! I am just as excited, trust me. I love reading your blogs too, I have used so many of your own ideas with my son, some more than once. It really helps to build a strong curriculum mashaAllah, so jazakAllah khair for that, (thankyou). Also, with my dd coming to two years old on 07/26, September she should be ready for ‘school’ too inshaAllah. Oh the things that will happen inshaAllah.

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