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I am officially a student alhamdulillah

Salam alaikum sisters,
I went with ds today and registered for my courses alhamdulillah. He was such a god boy mashaAllah, so patient. I was so pleased with his manners while we were out.

I have a full course load this year so inshaAllah ds will get his scholarship for Islamic School.  I will be taking biology, chemistry (I), persuasive writing, mathematics, health infomatics and human biology as my elective this semester. Throughout the year I will have a total of 300 credit hours inshaAllah, so alhamdulillah, this should keep me busy.

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Is it too much? Not in my eyes alhamdulillah


Asalaamu alaikum sisters. Okay so, I have been asked by sisters, my own mother, and even my daughters doctors… how am I going to be a muslimah, a (wife) and mother to two children, one of whom needs constant medical care and attention alhamdulillah, and be a student (insha’Allah starting September – pre-health sciences) as well? I tell them, alhamdulillah hakatha. I will busy. Bess. Just that. I expect a lot of myself and as long as my priorities are in order, (and I make a lot of duaa) things will work out insha’Allah. If it wasn’t written for me to go back to school, I would not have been accepted to three different schools, the only three I applied to alhamdulillah. If it wasn’t from Allah, my funding and bursaries would not have went through. I have prayed istikarah and this is what has come of it. Alhamdulillah many of my courses are via tele-conference, and a couple are independant study. My son will be in school full days at this point, aside from the weekends when I homeschool him, and my daughter will be attending preschool at the childrens center where she will get her physiotherapy and occupational therapy bi weekly. I can take this time to study at the library insha’Allah. And as for her appointments and surgeries in London, I can take my laptop with me and study in her room everynight. Is it the best situation? I can think of better situations alhamdulillah, but I would not want to be in anyone elses place right now, I am happy just where I am….. next stop med school insha’Allah.


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Alhamdulillah our project is underway thanks in large part to Baitulmaal who started it off with a donation of the Quran in braille! JazakAllah khair to all those who are involved in the Quran project, for giving al-noor al Quran to our أعمى sisters in Yemen mashaAllah…

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