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Watch “كويتية سنية تفتخر بهويتها الإسلامية في أمريكا” on YouTube

كويتية سنية تفتخر بهويتها الإسلامية في أمريكا:

The view of niqab and islamic dress by non Muslim women men and children on the street… only the first few minutes is in Arabic the rest of the video is English ❤

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Quranic Stories: Women of Distinction: Sayyidatina Hajar a.s – the Mother of a Nation

The story of Hajar (May Allah be pleased with her) gives all Muslim women an excellent example of deep faith in Allah. Hajar (May Allah be pleased with her) teaches us beautiful lessons that can be derived from her great character. She was truly a strong Muslim woman with such a strong character. When Allah has tested her she had this belief that Allah would not forsake her.

When Ismail (alayhis salam) was still a small baby, his father Ibrahim (alayhis salam) took him and his mother, Hajar, to the site of the Ka’ba. He gave them some dates and a goat skin full of water and left them there. At that time no one lived at the Ka’ba, and there was no water nearby. As Ibrahim (alayhis salam) was walking away, Ismail’s (alayhis salam) mother followed him, asking why she and her son were being left in such a desolate place. She asked several times but he would not answer her. Finally, she asked if Allah had ordered him to do this and he replied that it was so. Upon hearing this, she accepted Allah’s will and returned to the site where Ibrahim (alayhis salam) had left her.

As soon as Ibrahim (alayhis salam) was out of sight, he turned and prayed to Allah to protect and provide for his family which he had left:
“O our Lord! I have made some of my offspring to dwell in a valley without cultivation, by Thy Sacred House; In order, O our Lord that they may establish regular prayer; So fill the hearts of some among men with love towards them, and feed them with fruits; So that they may give thanks.” (al-Qur’an 14:37)

Ismail (alayhis salam) and his mother lived for some time on the supply of water and dates, but finally the water began to give out, and Ismail’s (alayhis salam) mother could no longer produce sufficient milk to nurse her baby. The baby became agitated and near to death because of his thirst. The mother could not bear to see her child suffering, so she ran to the top of nearby Mt. Safa to see if she could find someone to help her. When she could see no one, she ran down the mountain and across the valley to Mt. Marwa. Seven times she ran from one mountain to the other, looking in vain for assistance. After the seventh time she heard a voice and she called out to it for help. When she looked she saw an angel digging the earth with his heel until water flowed forth. That place was the site of Zam-zam. She carefully made a depression around the place where the water was flowing, and filled her waterbag with her hands. Then she was able to drink water and nurse her baby. The angel told her not to be afraid, that she and her son would be provided for.

Ismail (alayhis salam) and his mother continued to live at the Ka’ba all by themselves for some time. One day some people of the Jurhum tribe were passing through the valley. They didn’t intend to stop, because they knew that there had never been any water in that valley. But they saw a kind of bird which was known to frequent wet spots, so they followed it to the spring of Zam-zam. There they found Ismail’s mother sitting by the water.

Ismail’s (alayhis salam) mother was a very sociable person who loved the company of others, so she readily agreed to their request to stop there for a while, provided that they did not claim possession of the water. Some of the people of Jurhum decided to settle permanently by Zam-zam and sent for their families. Ismail (alayhis salam) grew up with these people and learned to speak Arabic from them. When he grew up, they urged him to marry one of their women.

You can read about Ismail and his mother in Sahih al-Bukhari IV:582-584.

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A Yemeniyah’s Recipes

Asalammu alaikum sisters.
I just came upon this wonderful blog by another Yemeni sister and she posts so many recipes, Yemeni food and otherwise. Please go look for yourself… you may just be inspired 😉


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Women, young girls and boys among injured in Yemen

Several dead as Yemen troops shell protesters – Middle East – Al Jazeera English.

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Yemeni woman singing in village mashaAllah

MashaAllah this sister has a beautiful voice. Women only please, jazakAllah khair… click here to watch the video, it is on another site.


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Alhamdulillah I am a mother, and alhamdulillah I am muslim.

Salaam alaikum sisters,
I just watched a story on CNN about Abbie Dorn. Abbie and her husband couldnt get pregnant so they tried invitro fertilization. She became pregnant and later gave birth to triplets, two sons and a daughter mashaAllah. Due to post delivery hemorraging, she bled out, her heart stopped, and became severly brain damaged. Did her husband stay with her and take care of her? No. He moved across the country, literally. The kids didnt see their mother for three years and only now a judge granted her visitation rights… five days in the summer and one monthly online visit using skype.

Alhamdulillah I am muslim. Women in general in Islam have so many rights mashaAllah. Mothers are by all means, NO exception. I have never heard of this situation ever happening subhanAllah. Mothers have a right to their children, as well as having rights over them. Wives have rights over their husbands and husbands have certain rights over their wives. I must also add at this point, that this is a good time to speak about plural marriage. That is, a husbands right to more than one wife (up to four, if he can provide for them equally). In this case, his sick wife could not have a normal relationship with her husband, therefore, by marrying a second wife, he could avoid divorcing the first, keeping the family intact, and providing necessities of life and care which she would not normally need, all the while having a healthy relationship with the second wife inshaAllah.

Allah make it easy for all of us, ameen.


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For those who are interested…

There is a Muslim womens bazaar in Toronto on April 2nd, 2011. I do not think I will be there, although I hope some of my sisters can make it insha’Allah.


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Tawokal Karman

Salaam alaikum sisters,
For those of you who are not familier with her, Tawokal Karman is the founder of Women Journalists without Chains in Yemen, a Yemeni journalist and activist who has devoted herself to the fight for journalistic freedom for Yemen—a fight which has proven to be difficult, particularly due to the Yemeni government’s adamant opposition to the group’s cause. She gave the youth a voice on January sixteenth, 2011 after the demonstrations in Tunisia. I just watched a program about her on People in Power on Aljzaeera. (You can watch the program here insha’Allah) There was a conversation she had with another sister in the womens protest camp outside the university that made me laugh so hard, it nearly brought me to tears…. enjoy..

Tawakol: “We are going to protest altogether at the presidents palace, are you coming with me?”
(the sister she was speaking to in the tent): “Yes, I will bake some biscuits. So when people come back from the presidential palace all beaten up, I will give them the biscuits!”

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Yemeni women’s play

Asalaamu alaikum sisters,
This show comes on the yemeni channel weekly, I would like to say Sunday nights around eleven pm my time. I love it, it makes me miss ‘home’ but I love it nonetheless… it is like a drama, or play, in different areas of the country, though I think mainly in Ta’aiz. The girls recite their lines of a story or poetry and do cultural dance, its nice : )

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Asalaamu alaikum sisters
This is a repost of points from a sister’s post which you can find here inshaAllah… I felt the same way after my son was one year old and could not sit still during taraweeh or lectures subhanAllah. I read this and I think astughfiruallah….

“When I had my first child, I was really frustrated that my husband would enjoy taraweeh in the masjid whilst I either stayed at home or went to the masjid only to be surrounded by loads of screaming babies and kids! In a way I silently resented the fact that he was having this amazing Ramadan and I wasn’t. When I had my second child, it was almost impossible for me to even think about attending taraweeh! Until, a sister gave a beautiful talk that I attended. In it she advised us that Ramadan should not be about ‘who can get to the masjid and pray’, but rather we should make Ramadan as pleasant and as easy as possible for our husbands. Something like this, if the intention is correct, could mean a lot of reward. I don’t know about you, but I am unable to make it to taraweeh in the masjid with 3 young children and I used to feel that the loss of that type of ibaadah was so great. And whilst it is, we need to choose other ways to gain reward in this blessed month.”

Seriously, making Ramadan as easy as possible for our husbands will not only make them happy but is a simple way of gaining that ajr that we so need. So, yes, why not place a glass of water to their mouth as the Prophet (saw) used to do to Aisha (RA). Why not, iron their clothes ready for taraweeh and eid? Why not run them a nice bath to make ghusl in on yawmul jumuah?

By Allah, before I became Muslim I would never have seen myself doing these things, but you know what it is all about the intention behind deeds. In a book called ‘Winning the hearts of your husband’, the author narrates a story of one of the pious predecessors in which she was advising her daughter before she got married. She advises her ‘Be like a slave to him and he will become your slave’. Couldn’t agree more. And look at it this way too. Not only will you be gaining the pleasure of Allah and an easy way to gain extra good deeds which will also make your husband happy but it will unite the hearts between your husband and you.

from this sister’s wisdom masha’Allah, we learn:
– that we should be patient with our situation and only khair (what is good) comes from Allah subhana wa t’ala.
– if we do things with the right intention then we too, insha’Allah can gain ajer equal to what our husbands do to please Allah, and Allah subhana wa t’ala knows best.
– this month can not only bring us closer to Allah, but also to our husbands. The intention during the month of ramadhan is to please Allah and come close to Him, though through those intentions, we inadvertently make our relationship with our husband closer and more loving, Allahu alem.

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