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A Yemeniyah’s Recipes

Asalammu alaikum sisters.
I just came upon this wonderful blog by another Yemeni sister and she posts so many recipes, Yemeni food and otherwise. Please go look for yourself… you may just be inspired 😉


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yemeni recipes – hawaij

Asalaamu alaikum, this is a yemeni spice mix which is used throughout all the recipes I will be posting insha’Allah …

3 teaspoons black peppercorns
1 teaspoon cumin seeds
1-1/2 teaspoon coriander seeds
1 teaspoon whole cloves
1-1/2 teaspoons of caraway seeds
1/2 teaspoon of saffron threads
1/2 teaspoon of cardamom seeds
1 teaspoon of turmeric

Using a mortar or food processor, grind all ingredients except for the turmeric. Stir in the turmeric and store in an airtight jar until needed.

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yemeni recipes – yemeni chai

I thought I would go ahead and every few days share a yemeni recipe I like and use myself. InshaAllah today will be yemeni chai (which tastes the same as somali chai)…

5 cups water
4 whole cardamoms, crushed
4 whole cloves
1 stick of cinnamon
slice of ginger (optional)
4 teaspoon black tea (or 7 teabags tied together)
1 1/2 cups milk

1. In a stove top kettle, add the water, spices and ginger.
When it comes to a boil, add the tea bags. Let boil 1 minute and add the milk. Reduce, add sugar and let it come to a boil again.  Strain and serve.

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