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overnight in “Mina”

Asalaamu alaikum rhamutallah wa barakatu,
InshaAllah homeschooling is going well for all of you… tonight we continued with our hajj curriculum which included my son reading Quran and making duaa and sleeping in his “tent in Mina” alhamdulillah. It was nice and he is having an easier time understanding what his father is doing alhamdulillah. Of course I explained Mina, we will continue on with that tomorrow inshaAllah. He asked me if we could have the tent outside but I had to explain to him that it is soo cold subhanAllah and inshaAllah, we have to do our best not to get sick (though it is all in Allahs hands). SubhanAllah it has been unbearably cool lately. I hope it warms up, though I do not think it will. Anyway, on to the photographs…

Oh, and we also make a hajj mobile, with the kaaba as the main part, a stick star hanging from it and then photos of the rights of hajj hanging from the sticks mashaAllah.

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