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Out of order but here it is…

Salaam alaikum sisters
Today  I taught  my son about hajj, but namely about ramy, the throwing of the stones at the shaytan (jamarats). He wanted to do it as well so we acted it out as if he was on hajj with his father, so here it is.

For the stones, they are the clear ones you can put in a vase… I use them for transfer and counting mathematic activities alhamdulillah. The “jamarats” are recycled cardboard boxes with white paper glued to them (I was going to print out paper with a stone design but I had no ink left). I made a road of stones for him going from the top of the stairs to the jamarat in his schoolroom. He had fun and kept yelling Allahu Akbar and throwing the stones for another 45 minutes mashaAllah. I narrated him the story as to why we stone the jamarat and about the hajj as a whole. His “ihraam” is the sheet off my bed. I had to wrap it for times mashaAllah. lol. InshaAllah we will have more this week for you.

p.s.. I know in ihraam, you are not sppose to cover your head, that was only for the pictures, he was uncovered post-picture.

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