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alhamdulillah, dh is coming home soon insha’Allah

Asalaamu alaikum,
Alhamdulillah, my dh is coming home soon from his leave to hajj and his visit in Yemen with his family mashaAllah! These past five weeks have been a test from Allah subhana wa t’ala. Allah make it easy on all of us… edit:we will be having a Walimah for him inshaAllah and our other dear friend who returned from hajj just days ago.

قَالَ رَسُولُ اللٌّهِ (ص): لاَ وَلِيمَةَ إِلاَّ فِي خَمْسٍ: فِي عُرْسٍ أَوْ خُرْسٍ أَوْ عِذَارٍ أَوْ وِكَارٍ أَوْ رِكَازٍ فَأَمَّا الْعُرْسُ فَالتَّزْوِيجُ، وَ الْخُرْسُ النِّفَاسُ بِالْوَلَدِ وَ الْعِذَارُ الْخِتَانِ وَ الْوِكَارُ الرَّجُلُ يَشْتَرِي الدَّارَ وَ الرِّكَازُ الَّذِي يَقْدِمُ مِنْ مَكَّةِ.

The Messenger of Allah (blessings of Allah be upon him and his family) has said, “Walimah is only in five occasions: in the ‘Urs, Khurs, ‘Idhar, Wikar and the Rikaz – ‘Urs is when a person gets married; and Khurs is when a child is born; and ‘Idhar is on the circumcision of a baby boy; and Wikar is when a person purchases a house; and Rikaz is when a person returns from Hajj.”

As I am writing this, it got quieter and I was able to hear my own thoughts which, with a four year old son, is not always easy alhamdulillah. I just looked behind me and my ds has fallen asleep on the couch, ya Miskeena ibne, mashaAllah….

Oh where was I? Right, I was about to tell you what we have been doing for our homeschooling. Since Hajj was over alhamdulillah, things have slowed down here a bit. We go over the soorahs he knows and the ones he is working on nightly mashaAllah. (Kawthar, Fatiah and Iklas and Nas). We continue to work on his salah and arabic. His English is coming along well mashaAllah, he tells me how to spell certain words on his own now, and he has started trying to read mashaAllah. Im thinking about getting geography in the mix soon… we can make country profiles in his duatang inshaAllah. If anyone has any tips for teaching geography, please, let me know, I would appreciate it, jazash Allah khairyn.


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homeschooling resources

Asalaamu alaikum

My husband is designing a new website for the islamic publishing company he works for and he said he can include a seperate area on or offsite where we can upload homeschooling materials and resources for free use. It would be organized by subject with download links. The only problem is getting all the  materials together so if you have any materials that would be beneficial, please email them to me at this following address:

In the subject line, please state the name of the resource, the course and grade.

ex: asma’ullah al husnaa, islamic studies, grade 4      (or)
patterning with manipulatives, mathematics, grade 1     (or)
bag with shapes, montessori, grade k     (or)
history of the arab empire w/exam, history, grade 11

I am going to try and see if he can make it so that anyone can upload their own materials as they make them or find them so that there is more involvement and so it is more accessible inshaAllah.

We are accepting any and all resources and grades and subjects. Even if they are posted elsewhere, please send them us as well so that we have as many resources together in one space as possible, bi’thnAllah. Jazakallah khair.


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Yemeni women’s play

Asalaamu alaikum sisters,
This show comes on the yemeni channel weekly, I would like to say Sunday nights around eleven pm my time. I love it, it makes me miss ‘home’ but I love it nonetheless… it is like a drama, or play, in different areas of the country, though I think mainly in Ta’aiz. The girls recite their lines of a story or poetry and do cultural dance, its nice : )

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