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extending your library….

Salam alaikum ramahtullah wa barakatu dear sisters…. I just wanted to share that a nice time to extend your library in your home is at ramadhaan mashaAllah. Wrap twenty nine or thirty books individually. Each night after taraweeh, your son or your daughter gets to unwrap one book. You read it as a bedtime story that night and then shelve it for the coming homeschool year/post ramadhaan / nightime reading inshaAllah. I know books can get expensive but if you start now, you will maybe be able to hit book fairs, and library sales before ramadhaan. As you acquire a new book, wrap it, and place it in a box in your closet. Come ramadhaan inshaAllah you will have enough for one per night.


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In these calendars sisters you can put sadaqah money they can give at taraweeh salah… money for you son or daughter, daily activities (i.e a small craft), hadith, soorah to memorize, chocolates… the possibilities are endless mashaAllah…. Im making the first calendar (the one that reads  Muhammad) for my children, one for each of my sons and one for my daughter inshaAllah…







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Yarn ball D.I.Y Decor for ramadhan/aieed

First craft post for ramadhan mashaAllah – yes I know I am early but you need it early if you want to make one for every day of ramadhan inshaAllah… I get ds to hang one up every day inshaAllah untiL Aieed and when Aieed comes the house is already decorated mashaAllah. Click photo below for how-to instructions for these, as well as another version with string lights inshaAllah:

Yarn Balls 1 Yarn Ball Lights

p.s.. I think white would be really pretty but your dd or ds may like to choose their own colours for this project

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ramadhan calendar tables

Asalaamu alaikum sisters, I finished making ramadhan calendar tables for all four weeks alhamdulillah (the first week as an example is below)

Included is the sahabiyat I want to study (one per day inshaAllah from the book “Great Women in Islam by Mahmood Ahmad Ghadanfar) a way to finish reading Qur’an within the month inshaAllah, and empty spots for each day for a sadaqah and dhua’a you want to remember to make inshaAllah. Im also going to be reading The Ideal Muslimah by Muhammad Ali Al-Hashimi inshaAllah. You can also use the empty rows for a craft you would like to do with the children or Taraweeh prayer times or the like. InshaAllah you find benefit and if you do, please make dhua’a for my dd, jazakAllah khair.

ramadhan week 1
ramadhan week 2
ramadhan week 3
ramadhan week 4

p.s I used a free word processing program called AbiWord to make these and saved them as “all documents”. If you cannot open them, email me at  and I will try to save them as your requested file choice….

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