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Watch “كويتية سنية تفتخر بهويتها الإسلامية في أمريكا” on YouTube

كويتية سنية تفتخر بهويتها الإسلامية في أمريكا:

The view of niqab and islamic dress by non Muslim women men and children on the street… only the first few minutes is in Arabic the rest of the video is English ❤

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The Caliph and the New Clothes

*I know this ‘Id story for your son/daughter is a few weeks late, but inshaAllah you can relay it to them next ‘Id (al-adha)…enjoy!*

Two little boys came running to their mother with a request. “Jarir and Mughiz have both got new clothes for Eid. Can we have some new clothes as well?” Their mother, Fatima bint Abdul Malik, was no ordinary woman. Her father, grandfather and each of her four brothers were at one time or another Caliph and leader of the believers. In fact, her own husband was the present Caliph, Umar ibn Abdul Aziz – who ruled the world’s largest empire that stretched from the Atlantic to the Indian oceans. She promised them that she would check with their father to see if the two princes could have new clothes for Eid.

When Umar ibn Abdul Aziz returned home, his wife related the children’s request to him. The Caliph had a pained look in his eyes. “Fatima, you know how much I value my children, but all the money I have is in front of you”, he said motioning towards the sparsely furnished hut. Though a Caliph, Umar took care to live honestly and did much to ensure justice. Fatima agreed with her husband, but she said that maybe it would be possible to buy very cheap clothes for the children and they’d just be happy with something new to wear. Finally, the Caliph agreed and wrote a letter to his treasurer requesting that his pay be advanced a month early so that he could buy his children something to wear on Eid.

But the honest and pious Caliph had an equally honest treasurer. The reply he got was this: “Amir Ul-Mumineen, I have great respect for you and I trust and obey you completely. However, if you could guarantee to me that you will live through the next month and do your service to the people (which will entitle you to your pay) then the money can be advanced to you. If you cannot give the assurance of your life, then how can the treasury pay you?”

Caliph Umar ibn Abdul Aziz realised his mistake. Fatima bint Abdul Malik, washed her children’s old tattered clothes for Eid day and sent them out to play. One has to wonder if they were made from the same dust as us.

Once we (Muslims) were kings on this Earth, but it wasn’t because we were large in number that we were respected. It wasn’t because we were powerful that we were victorious. It wasn’t because we were successful that we were admired. It wasn’t because our women were beautiful that they were treated with honour and dignity. It wasn’t because we were intelligent that our example was emulated. It was all due to the faith of Islam. Sometimes, it’s worthwhile reflecting on how far we’ve fallen so we know how high we need to climb.

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Islamic Family Magazine (online)

Asalaam alaikum I thought I would drop by the site quick and post a link of a new islamic family magazine out there… looks like it is going to be good masha’Allah…

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alhamdulillah for sickness

Asalaamu alaikum
Alhamdulillah my dear husband has come down with a high fever (among other effects) only a few days before he is to depart and come home. Allah give him shaf’aa, ameen.

Do you ever wonder why Allah subhana wa t’ala allows his believers to come down with sickness?

Hadith – Bukhari 7:564

“I visited Allah’s Apostle May Allah's peace and praise be on him while he was suffering from a high fever. I touched him with my hand and said, “O Allah’s Apostle! You have a high fever.” Allah’s Apostle May Allah's peace and praise be on him said, “Yes, I have as much fever as two men of you have.” I said, “Is it because you will get a double reward?” Allah’s Apostle May Allah's peace and praise be on him said, “Yes, no Muslim is afflicted with harm because of sickness or some other inconvenience, but that Allah will remove his sins for him as a tree sheds its leaves.”

What does this all mean? It means that although you feel as though you are suffering, when you find yourself sick, a sin is erased from your record. So next time, do not place any negative connotation when explaining your sickness (i.e “I feel horrible.”), rather say “Alhamdulillah, I do not feel well.” Count your blessings while you are sick (mar’eetha) using the opportunity to seek forgiveness of sins inshaAllah.


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a re-post: a cup of tea with my Lord and cake

Asalaamu aalikum sisters
This is a repost from Morrocan Motherhood’s blog here, as I think it well worth a glance. She says and I quote:

” Wake up with the call to Morning Prayer al-Fajr..
– Make Wudu (obligatory washing before prayer).
– Put some water to boil.
– Pray Fajr.
– Put your favourite tea into a mug and pour water over it.
– Read one page of the Qur’an or another religious book while your tea steeps.
– Drink your tea while reading and reflecting on the translation/tafseer or the pages of the book.
– Pick out some topics to discuss with your kids during the upcoming day and enjoy the calm before busy family life begins…”

I  myself always feel like I dont have enough time in my day. Or I will have a reason of how I am so busy that I cannot take three minutes to read one page of Qu’ran astughfirullah. I need to get into the idea of waking up and not rushing fajr and actually staying awake as opposed to going back under my blanket inshaAllah. Make duaa please that it gets easier for me, and I will make duaa that it gets easier for all of you. JazakAllah to Sister Itto for this valuable reminder…

Another day a couple of years ago, she also graciously posted this lovely vegan-cake recipe which looks soo tempting to make inshaAllah with my son, so here is the link… (click on the photo below).

Much love to my sisters for the sake of Allah subhana wa t’ala!

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Sheikh Mishary Rashid al-Efasy Quran lessons

Sheikh Mishary Rashid al-Efasy, one of the best al-Qur`an`s Recitors, in this show is teaching the kids how to read and memorize the Holy Qur`an in the right way insha’Allah.

May Allah `Azzawajalla bless the individuals who has make this lessons possible. Allahumma amiin.


Alhamdulillah wa as-Syukru lillah, I`ve manage to find and get hold of 18 lessons. If you have the full or the rest of the lessons, insya`ALLAH, please kindly inform and share with us.

URL for download,

Al-Muthaffifiin :…

Al-Insyiqaaq :…

Al-Buruuj :…

Ath-Thaariq :…

Al-A`laa :…

Al-Ghaasyiyah :…

Al-Fajr Part1 :…

Al-Fajr Part 2 :…

Al-Balad :…

Asy-Syams :…

Adh-Dhuhaa And Al-Lail :…

At-Tiin And Ash-Sharh :…

Al-Bayyinah :…

Al-`Aadiyaat And Az-Zalzalah :…

Al-Kautsar And Al-Maa`uun :…

Al-Ikhlash And Al-Masad :…

Al-Falaq :…

An-Naas :…

JazakumuLlahu khairan kathira.

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The way your dua’a is answered bithin’Allah

A common perception and thought that generally passes a muslim mind – why are our dua’s so ineffective? Is there a deficiency in the manner that we ask? Why is it that certain people who live very carefree lives, openly violate the Shariah, and propagate unislamic values seem to live very comfortably? They seem to be blessed with everything they ask for and have no real cry or pressing need. On the other hand, there are some who are particular with their Deen, regular with their salah, and conduct themselves in a righteous manner, yet they seem to be plagued with worries and difficulties. This situation seems to be very perplexing to many and it is appropriate that we examine the true nature and purpose of dua’a and the various benefits that Allah has placed in this great ibadah (act of virtue).

Firstly, the apparent acceptance of a person’s dua is by no means any proof that this person is accepted or beloved by Allah. Similarly, the apparent non-acceptance of a person’s dua is no indication of a person’s rejection or non-acceptance by Allah. Instead, the matter can very much be the opposite, whereby at times a person who is truly beloved and accepted in the eyes of Allah seems to have his duas apparently rejected all the time. On the other hand, a person who maybe despised in the sight of Allah finds his duas being promptly and regularly accepted.

Sheikh Tajuddeen Ibn Ata Iskandari (rahimahullah) has recorded a hadith in his book; the effective meaning of which is, a certain person lifts his hand in dua, Allah instructs the angels to fulfil his need immediately, because I dislike him raising his hand in dua. Another person raises his hand in dua, Allah instructs the angels to procrastinate in fulfilling his need, because him raising his hands before me is beloved to me and I look forward to his pleading and requests.

Secondly, for a person to be given the ability to make dua is a great blessing in itself. A person who raises his hand in dua before Allah Ta’ala should never be concerned whether the dua will be accepted or not. A person should have complete conviction that whatever dua is made will definitely be accepted in the court of Allah. It is mentioned in a Hadith recorded by Abu Dawood, Tirmizi, Ibn Majah and Mustadrak Haakim that, Allah is extremely kind, One who gives without asking, Allah is extremely modest and shy, when His servants spread their hands before Him, He feels shy to refuse or reject their requests.

Thirdly, it is a failure and deficiency on our path that, if we receive exactly that which we ask Allah for, then we consider our dua to be accepted. If we do not acquire exactly what we ask for, then we consider our dua unaccepted. In reality, there are various ways in which a dua can be considered accepted. Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said, when a servant makes dua to Allah, then through the barkat and blessing of this dua Allah Ta’ala certainly grants him one of three things, either that he gets exactly what he requested for,or his dua is reserved for a bounty and reward which will manifest in the hereafter, or a calamity is removed from his path.

Either way, we find that a person’s dua is certainly heard and answered; however the outward appearance of its acceptance may differ. It is therefore our bounding duty to continue begging from Allah for our needs with firm conviction that Allah will favour a person with his mercy. To become despondent and neglectful over dua not being accepted is indicative of our naivety and short-sightedness.

It has been recorded in yet another hadith, that a person should not become hasty and wrestless regarding acceptance of his dua. It was asked that what be meant by hastiness? The reply was, a person believes that after making fervent dua, there is no response; therefore I might as well leave out making dua. In this way he stops asking from Allah.

(Extracted from the writings of Hazrat Maulana Yusuf Ludhianwi rahimahullah)

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